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Tongo , Sunday 25 February 2018

News Tongo » Kara: BOYS BASKETBALL

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Publication date: Friday 22 December 2006

Acton-Boxboro -- Lundberg 2-0-5, Tongo 4-0-9, Kastrinelis 1-1-3 ... Natalie Sullivan (WA) 1:44.7; 2. Monica Jensen (AB); 3. Kara McNeil (AB); 5. Christine Ganley (WA). 1000 METERS: 1. Cathy Deng (AB) 3:28.2; 2. Nicole Kibblehouse (WA); 3.

News Tongo » Kara: Queensland Health firewall back online

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Publication date: uesday 30 May 2017

THE firewall blamed for crashing Queensland’s electronic medical record system has now been replaced with a more “up-to-date” program, with all five affected hospitals back online today. But health authorities warn they cannot rule out a similar ...

News Tongo » Kara: The Samurai Armour Glossary

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Publication date: Wednesday 07 July 2010

Armour Makers Bamen - A small but respected group of armourers that worked during the Muromachi period until the 1700s. Haruta - One of the oldest documented schools of armourers, they produced items in accordance with a centrally taught doctrine and were ...